Commuter Confidential, Now Online!

July 1, 2008

Hollywood Film Office in association with Parkchester Pictures are immensely satisfied that all 20 episodes of their show COMMUTER CONFIDENTIAL have aired on TBS during “Sex in the City” since June 2.

TBS, television’s top-rated comedy network, will showcase an entertaining look at life among a group of women who travel to and from work together each day in COMMUTER CONFIDENTIAL, a new commercial event presented by Revlon and COMMUTER CONFIDENTIAL features four very different women—Carmen, Daisy, Paula and Sylvie— and their no-holds barred conversations. Caffeine-free days, day-care dilemmas and food cravings are some of the many topics the women will discuss within the 20 episodes airing across four consecutive weeks on TBS. COMMUTER CONFIDENTIAL will premiere each weeknight from June 2-27 within a branded commercial pod from Sex and the City at 11 p.m.  Immediately following each episode of the microseries, TBS will feature both and Revlon creative adjacencies. Each episode will then become available through the custom COMMUTER CONFIDENTIAL microsite at COMMUTER CONFIDENTIAL stars Dorie Barton, Idalis De Leon, Keri Lynn Pratt and Dee Ryan. The microseries was written by Wendy Biller and Chris Hawthorne, and produced by Jerry Offsay, David Gadarian and Bruce Wayne Gillies.  Thom Eberhardt  directed the microseries.

All the episodes are now viewable online at